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The Ministry of Labour will be intervening in the salaries dispute between the Guyana Sugar Corporation and Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union when the entities meet on Monday at the Labour Ministry.But even as this meeting is being arranged, the sugar company is examining the possibility of closing the La Bonne Intention (LBI) estate sooner than expected.Yesterday,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, the strike action continued, and the company continues to count its losses.While the losses are heavy, a GuySuCo representative said, the company is attempting to maintain its production, so as not to jeopardise its overseas market.On Thursday, Chief Executive Officer (ag) Paul Bhim told the media that should these ‘wildcat’ strikes continue,Cheap Jerseys Online, then management will be forced to re-look at whether it can continue to sustain eight operating factories.During a press conference,China NFL Jerseys, he said that the strikes are hampering the corporation’s plans to improve its production.At present, the company is critically assessing the performance of LBI location, and may have to recommend that grinding both LBI and Enmore canes be done at the Enmore factory.The strikes, he added, are also hampering the efforts by the company to improve on its financial position, particularly after the funding, which was required from its own cash flows, for the new Skeldon factory.Soured wage negotiations between the company and the Guyana Agriculture and General Workers’ Union (GAWU) resulted in workers taking a standoff since Wednesday.GuySuCo is contractually obligated to supply its main European customer with 55,000 tonnes of sugar by September 5.Failing to meet this obligation, the corporation would lose US$70 per tonne of sugar not supplied by the date to the particular market. To date,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the corporation has shipped 16,Nike Air Max Tn Shoes For Men Sale,400 of the 55,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,000 tonnes.This year, GuySuCo stands to lose close to $1.2B in revenue due to the price cut.


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The police report on the Mowasi mining pit tragedy that claimed the lives of ten miners is to be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for further advice during the course of the week.According to a source, the police are still collecting statements from some of the survivors. However once completed, it will be up to the DPP to decide whether the owner of the concession, Imran Khan, is criminally liable in one of Guyana’s worst mining accidents in recent memory.Dead: Jason TrotmanDead: Leyland JonesDead: Esmond MartinThe pit collapse, which occurred on May 17, claimed the lives of Leyland Jones, 38, called ‘Foots’ of Grove, East Bank Demerara, who was the gold operations General Manager; his nephew Jason Trotman, 21; of Samatta Point, Grove Housing Scheme; Raymond August of 229 Bent Street, Dartmouth, Essequibo; Bobby Brittlebank of 98 Wislock Housing Scheme, Linden; Michael Gardner of Better Hope, ECD; Sheldon and Orlando Clario; Desmond Martins; Trevon Phillips and Nanmore Kurt.The injured have been identified as Alex Green,Jae Crowder Jersey, 28, of Lima Essequibo Coast; Regan Green, 21, of Dartmouth, Essequibo Coast; Collymore Lewis, 34, of Moraikobai Mission, Mahaicony; Sheldon Adams, 32, of Beehive, East Coast Demerara; Lazarus Andrews, 49, of Nappi, Central Rupununi and Henry Xavier, 37, of Paramakatoi,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, North Pakaraima.While some of the families held funeral services following the post mortem examinations on Friday, others are in the process of making arrangements for their loved ones.Kaieteur News understands that Khan has been trying to do his part, including providing assistance with the funeral expenses and attending those funerals.InvestigationsMeanwhile, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), who were part of a team of officials that traveled into Mowasi the day after the tragedy, have already completed their investigation into the tragedy.According to the GGMC, Khan was in breach of several safety regulations mandated to be followed when digging past a depth of 50ft. Khan’s workers are reported to have been operating at a depth of 90ft.Grieving relativesWorse, it was revealed that Khan had a sordid history with the GGMC dating back to 2013. According to GGMC, Edward Hopkinson, the rightful owner of Khan’s claim, had made a complaint on August 8, 2013, that Khan had been mining on his concession without approval.A subsequent investigation by GGMC revealed several mining breaches within the camp. These caused the body to secure two injunctions, a cease work order and an order for Khan to remove within 48 hours.In a counter move, however, Khan secured an injunction against Hopkinson and GGMC on August 21, 2013, restraining them from interfering in his operation until a hearing on September 10 that same year to continue the injunction.When nothing came out of the hearing, the injunction remained against Hopkinson and the regulatory body,Wholesale Jerseys Online, allowing Khan to continue his enterprise.According to the release, as recent as April 1, 2015 officers from the commission inspecting operations in Pepper Creek found that Khan was still operating in an unsafe and dangerous manner,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but when GGMC’s technical officers made attempts to advise and sanction the personnel, they were shown the injunction barring them from acting.From left: Patrick Harding of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA); one of the rescuers and government officialsIn the wake of the tragedy, the head of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) Patrick Harding has stated that the accident could have been avoided had the proper safety regulations been adhered to.In an interview with this publication,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, he also spoke of what played out during his visit, as part of the team of officials to Mowasi.According to him, Khan had initially stated that he was not given advice and instructions on the proper safety practices. However, he said,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, this was unlikely given that it was a large scale operation.Expressing the responsibility on the GGMC and GGDMA to advise miners on safety and environmental procedures, he also issued a plea to miners to adhere to the safety regulations laid out by authorities, especially in view of the rainy season, where the ground was largely unstable.