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Delegates at the opening of the NAACIE Conference at the Umana Yana.…disputes Skeldon factory is only fault to sugar problemsBy Leonard GildarieGovernment has warned of a labour shortage, in the coming years, as several national projects come on stream. As a matter of fact, President Bharrat Jagdeo says, it is not unlikely a scenario playing out where skilled labour may have to be imported. He also challenged women to take a more active role in labour force.Jagdeo made the statements at the Umana Yana, Kingston, during the opening session of the 51st Delegates (1st Triennial) Conference of the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE).The union’s members are mainly from the sugar industry, power sector and Bosai Mining at Linden. Also attending yesterday’s event were several other union leaders, diplomats and executives.According to the President, with significant growth activities expected in the eco-tourism, oil and gas, agricultural and IT sectors in the coming years, there will be an urgent need to “retrain” workers.New perspectivesWith a recent uproar by some unions and others over a proposal to hire overseas Maths and Science teachers to bridge a shortfall, Jagdeo urged for trade unions to understand the situation and the need to have a “proper perspective”.Perhaps the most challenging of issues facing workers now is that of inflation, he said, adding that the PPP/C administration has, over the past 19 years, managed to bring it down to single-digit levels.According to the Head of State,Cheap NHL Jerseys Online, Guyana now has its highest ever foreign reserves, touching US$1B, and its citizens have houselots as low as $90,000 and interest rates as low as 5-6% on mortgages, down from the 30% back in the 1990s.He noted that this comes at a time when several European countries are facing severe financial problems, but he also cautioned that Guyana would not remain immune because current measures to tackle the problems will have its effects in years to come.Many problemsThe President also disputed statements by Seepaul Narine, General Secretary of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), who told delegates that the problems of GuySuCo are mainly to be blamed on those of the new Skeldon sugar factory, which was built and commissioned only a few years ago to the tune of close to US$200M,NFL Jerseys China, one of the largest single investments to date.The President asserted that problems were more than that. He pointed out that the reasons include the crippling 36% price cut by Europe, Guyana’s biggest sugar customer. This cut, he said, translated to almost $9B in lost revenues annually for the country and GuySuCo.Weather and low staff turnout (which is less than half of the required number) are also factors plaguing the industry.Referring to the promise of Brigadier (retd) David Granger, Presidential Candidate of the People’s National Congress Reform, to privatise the sugar industry, Jagdeo warned that no company could sustain GuySuCo, and most likely would shut down operations within a year,Wholesale China Jerseys, causing severe job losses. Government’s assistance, through loans and other means, have kept it alive,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, he insisted.Jagdeo said that it is the same case for GPL, with one attempt to privatise failing a few years ago.Regarding new sectors that will put more live into the economy, the Head of State explained that agencies like the regulatory body, National Frequency and Management Unit, will have greater roles to play, with new IT opportunities leading to increased revenues from fees and other means. It is against this background, he emphasised, that trade unions will have to become unified.More accountabilityJagdeo also took on the Guyana Trades Union Congress,wholesale jerseys, noting that some unions have failed their members, in some cases not even submitting their financial statements as required.He cited the Critchlow Labour College as an example where government was providing annual assistance, to the tune of $40M, but the funding was used inappropriately – to even pay staffers of some of the officials.Government is willing to rethink its stance and work with any union if that union is willing,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Jagdeo stressed.Former NAACIE leader, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, told the gathering that the union has played a key role in fighting for democracy in Guyana. These include a 135 strike in the 1970s.The union was also instrumental in establishing the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), an umbrella body.NAACIE in its fight had helped to era


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NOTES: Jeffery, cornerback Tracy Porter, offensive lineman Jason Weaver, running back Daniel Thomas and tight end Chris Pantale all missed practice with injuries. Linebacker Jared Allen was given an extra day off for Chicago. ... Three other Bears — linebacker Pernell McPhee (knee), defensive lineman Brandon Dunn (quad) and offensive lineman Jordan Mills (calf) — all left practice early.
He's come a long way since. On Saturday, Luck will be back on his home turf ready to face Chicago again — this time as the presumed standard bearer for the next generation of NFL quarterbacks.
This year, Cutler's favorite receiver, Brandon Marshall,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, was dealt to the Jets, and now the Bears' projected starting receivers,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys,  Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White, are both hurt. Jeffery missed both practices in Indy this week with a strained calf. White is expected to miss a large part of the season after undergoing surgery on his shin.
There's one other problem: The Bears' once feared defense allowed the two highest point totals in franchise history in 2013 and 2014, forcing Cutler to play catch-up much of the time.
Back then, Luck was viewed as the young gun, running an offense in rebuild mode. Indianapolis wasn't even supposed to be a playoff contender.

"Sometimes it's hard for guys to take constructive criticism. I think Andrew takes it very well," backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. "If you tell him something, he'll write it down, say 'Thank you very much,' and he works on it."
The secret of Luck's success is no secret.
Whatever the explanation, the Colts and Bears —  and their two quarterbacks — have gone in drastically different directions since the 2012 season opener.
Cutler also is to blame for Chicago's struggles.
Instead, Indy's stability wound up paying big dividends.
While Luck enters his third season under offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and his fourth with head coach Chuck Pagano, Cutler has played for three head coaches and five offensive coordinators since joining the Bears in 2009.
That's not a winning recipe for any quarterback.
The Colts rookie had just thrown three interceptions, one touchdown pass and barely completed half of his 45 throws in a 41-21 loss to the Bears.
Hasselbeck also has seen enough in his 17-year career to understand that a good, smart quarterback doesn't win games by himself. The decline of Cutler, who played high school football in southern Indiana, is a perfect example.
Cutler is 20-21 over that span and hasn't appeared in the postseason since Chicago's NFC championship game loss to Green Bay in January 2011.
His 44 turnovers over the past three seasons rank fourth in the NFL, just ahead of Luck at 43, according to STATS. And while Cutler has completed a higher percentage of passes than Luck (62.9 percent to 58.6) and thrown for nearly as many yards per attempt as his counterpart (7.0 to 7.1), Luck has thrown 20 more TD passes and won 36 games,NFL Jerseys China, including three in the playoffs.
"I would like to think I have grown mentally, emotionally, physically. I think I have a better understanding of what it means to be an NFL quarterback,wholesale jerseys," Luck said Thursday before Indianapolis' second practice against the Bears.
Without them, Cutler acknowledged the Colts' starting defense outplayed the Bears' No. 1 offense on Wednesday, and it may not get much better Saturday.
"I would like to work with Alshon and Kevin, but it is what it is," Cutler said Wednesday. "We're shifting some guys in there, some guys are getting some work with the ones, and some of the threes are getting work with the twos, so it's a good thing we're seeing everybody right now."
Meanwhile, the Colts understand they're fortunate to have gotten Luck, who has made people forget about those bad initial impressions.
Luck has led the Colts to three consecutive 11-win seasons, back-to-back division titles, an AFC championship game, and perhaps now the role of biggest threat to dethrone Super Bowl champion New England.
Bears fans, in contrast,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, viewed Jay Cutler as their long-term answer at quarterback, someone who could finally turn the Bears from a solid playoff team into a legitimate title contender.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Three years ago, Andrew Luck walked off the field in Chicago and promised to learn from a forgettable NFL debut.
"If I had to pick one thing that's different, I'd say his voice in the lock