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作者: 劉浪好帥啊    時間: 2018-9-19 07:40     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys Blount said. &quot

"It was just the excitement of us winning this game and getting that first-round bye,Discount NFL Jerseys," Blount said. "I feel like we had to man up and play tough football with the conditions."
While the Patriots got their eighth bye in Belichick's 14 seasons as coach,China Jerseys Cheap, the Bills (6-10) have gone 14 years without a playoff game,Wholesale Jerseys From China, the longest current streak in the NFL. They also missed a chance to end the season with three straight wins.
Blount finished his 35-yard run for the game's final touchdown by belly flopping into the end zone. Then he hugged Belichick,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, who had a white towel around his shoulders.

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