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Murder accused,wholesale nfl jerseys, Alvin Semple, took the witness box yesterday categorically denying he had anything to doBalram Teekaramwith the death of minibus driver, Balram Teekaram.Teekaram, a route 32 minibus driver was murdered in the course of a robbery at his Sea View, Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara (WCD) residence.According to the reports, Teekaram and his son, Yogindra Teekaram, were awakened by a noise in their home. Upon checking they were confronted by the home invaders who held them at gunpoint and demanded cash and jewellery.The incident occurred on April 13, 2011. The 48-year-old minibus driver died in the hospital three days after the attack.The intruders ransacked the house and took away $700,000 in cash, a silver chain, cellular phones, jewellery and iPods.Semple, who was charged for the murder offered a sworn statement to the Court in his defence yesterday.Standing in the witness box before Justice Jo Ann Barlow and a mixed Jury at the Georgetown High Court,NFL Jerseys China, Semple, 27, recalled that he was living with his aunt at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, at the time that he was arrested for the murder.The accused recalled that he was picked up by police on April 13, 2011 while on his way to visit his sister in law‘s residence. He said that the police told him that he was wanted for questioning in relation to a murder. He said that he cooperated with them and has been in custody ever since.Semple told the court that on the evening of April 13, 2011 he slept at his aunt’s house.He said he went to the city the next morning but when he returned he was arrested and taken into custody at Leonora Police station. There,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he was locked up for four days and later charged for a robbery/murder which he denied committing.Under cross-examination by State Prosecutor Tamieka Clarke,China Soccer Jerseys, the man told the court that he would work and play cricket on weekends in the community where the Teekarams lived.The accused said that he knew the man’s son, Yogindra Teekaram, by the name Randy but they were not friends; they only knew each other by seeing each other about twice a month,Cheap Jerseys, when he went to play cricket in the area.Semple also denied having any problem with Randy.He denied asking Randy whether his father had a gun.?? Semple said that he had known Randy for a number of years but they never had any conversations nor visited his each other‘s homes.The accused noted, too, that he never owned any firearm.Defence Attorney Madan Kissoon later called Dhanrajie Gurdai, aunt of the accused to the stand.She testified that on the evening of April 13, 2011 she was at home with her nephew, Alvin. The woman told the court that she is diabetic and would go to the washroom throughout the night.? Each time; she would have to pass her nephew’s bed.She claimed that she could have observed the one bedroom apartment clearly because the lights were usually on at nights.Asked by the Prosecutor Shawnette Austin whether she had a special interest in the case Gurdai replied in the affirmative noting that her nephew had been living with her since his mother passed.Prior to the prosecution closing its case yesterday, State Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh testified. Dr. Singh told the court that based on the post mortem examination which he conducted,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, the victim died as a result of brain haemorrhage as a result of gunshot injuries.Initial reports had indicated the bandits had severely beat Teekaram to his right eye. He was hospitalized at Leonora Cottage Hospital and later at the Intensive Care Unit at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he succumbed to his injuries.

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