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A 14-year-old De Willem Secondary School Student,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Kevin Ram, died at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre while receiving medical attention after he was pulled from the creek at the Splashmins’ Fun Park yesterday afternoon. Another lad identified as Paramdev Nanan who was also pulled from the water at the same creek is said to be in stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.The two boys disappeared under the water at around 15:30 hours,NFL Jerseys Supply, moments after they had ventured out into the deeper part of the creek.According to an eyewitness,Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019, one of the boys first went into the water and as he went further out he encountered difficulties.The other boy saw him and tried to assist and he too experienced trouble in the deep water.Luckily,Wholesale Jerseys From China, a life guard saw one of the boys splashing in the water and quickly realized that he was in danger and together with another man who was on a jet ski went to his assistance.They were able to pull him to land where a nurse and a doctor who there at the time did routine resuscitation procedures that revived him.He was subsequently rushed to the Diamond Hospital where his condition was stabilized.But no one knew at the time that another boy had gone under.It was not until some said that another boy was missing that a search was carried out.Kevin Ram’s body was later pulled from the creek but by then it was too late.Nanan’s father Rakesh Nanan,Wholesale Jerseys China, who was in tears when he spoke to this newspaper, said he warned his son not to go into the water while himself and some friends went for a boat ride over to the Eco-Resort.“Me left he under the benab and me say ‘boy, stay here don’t go back in de water’ and now look wha happen, look wha me do me own son,Cheap Jerseys,” a tearful Nanan lamented.The man added that his workplace had a family fun day and he thought it would be fun to take his eldest son for the walk.“When me wake up some of me friends call and tell me they going up and ah say man leh me carry he fuh de walk and look wha me do.”Meanwhile, Ram went to the fun park with his sister and her family for a regular creek outing.This publication was told that from birth the lad grew with his sister after his mother passed away. The sister who was at the hospital wept uncontrollably as medical officials broke the news of his death to her.“Me mine he from small. Me promise mommy I gon tek care ah he and look wha happen to he. Me carry he out and look wha happen.”

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