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“Sloppy” was the word used by Prem Narine, to best describe Guyana Police Force’s investigations into the execution of his only son six years ago.Arjune Narine was 21 years old when he was pulled out of the driver’s seat of his bullet riddled car (PGG 8089) which was parked at the junction of Durey Lane and Middleton Streets during an “unofficial” police road block.The incident which also saw three other persons being injured, occurred shortly after 22:00 hours on May 11, 2008.Those injured were Jean Singh, an employee of NCN Radio (at the time),Wholesale NFL Jerseys, her son Mark Semple and a man named Larry Singh.From all indications, the police manning the roadblock were not targeted; they took evasive action by plunging into a nearby canal when the shooting started.Amidst much speculation, there are two theories about the young man’s death.Narine, an employee with an airline service,China Jerseys, may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time or his death was a case of mistaken identity.To date, it is still unclear as to even why the police officers, clad in civilian attire, chose to put up a road block at that time and at that particular section of the city.And moreso, persons are still questioning their move to take evasive measures instead of answering to the injured persons’ desperate call for help.During a recent interview with Kaieteur News,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, the senior Narine said that to date, six years later, the police have not yet visited him for any information on his son.The late Arjune NarineBut despite this, he is leaving no stone unturned as it relates to getting justice, or at least a proper investigation carried out into the death of his son.“I met with Donald Ramotar when he was the PPP’s General Secretary and he was sympathetic because he knew my son well. Ramotar put me on to Clement Rohee (Home Affairs Minister). Despite everything, all that I did, and everybody that I spoke to, all I’ve been hearing is that investigations are ongoing. The only thing positive that I have ever heard, was that the police officers would have been disciplined, but I have no idea what happened to that.”The deceased Arjune Narine, who was living alone while his parents were in Canada, was reportedly on his way home after picking up his dinner, when the gunmen opened fire.Eyewitnesses have said that the gunmen appeared to have been following the dead Airline Agent, before the guns went off.However, some others believe that the University of Guyana Computer Science student was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. His father attested to this, stating that his son had no enemies, and had been living a decent life.“He used to feed the orphanage every year. He was a good boy,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, a good son. I’m proud of him,” the man said.Narine burst into tears as he explained that his family had not been the same ever since his son was murdered.He explained that despite the years that have passed, his wife would cry at every mention of her son’s name.Recalling the night when his son was killed, Narine said he was at his home in Canada when he received a call from his brother, asking that he return home immediately, as young Narine had met with an accident and was critical.“Before I could say anything else, he hung up. Me wife did already getting frantic, but I keep thinking that is just an accident and he was probably hospitalized.”However, Mr. and Mrs. Narine got the shock of their lives when they arrived in Guyana to find their relatives crying uncontrollably.Narine explained that when he saw his relatives crying, his mind went blank and tears started pouring down his face, with his body suddenly going cold and numb.The Narine family is just one of the many Guyanese families struggling to get justice years after their loved ones have been slain.While a few may have given up, there are still those like the Narines who remain determined to continue to press for proper investigations to be carried out and have persons held accountable for their crimes.Narine lamented that Guyana is in for bad times when prospective young people are being murdered cold-bloodedly.Another such killing is the still unsolved Sheema Mangar case.Mangar, a Demerara Bank Limited employee, was the victim of a fatal hit and run robbery on the evening of September 11, 2010.Narine, like many others, is pleading with the Ministry of Home Affairs,Camo China NFL Jerseys, and by extension,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, the Government of Guyana, to ensure that there is justice for the lives of Guyana’s future generation.

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