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作者: 劉浪好帥啊    時間: 2019-3-6 20:04     標題: Jerseys NFL China 4-3

"Honestly,WBC Jerseys, I haven't figured it out," he said.
Now, the league wants to discuss Suh's discipline-filled season with the Detroit Lions defensive tackle and he hasn't decided whether to accept the invitation.
Suh said the NFL sent Lions general manager Martin Mayhew a letter, extending an opportunity for Suh to have another meeting with league officials.
Suh said he came away with the 2011 meeting with the NFL with a better understanding of what changes he needed to make on the field, and believes he has made progress.
"I feel like I'm playing within the rules for the most part, without a doubt," he said.
Suh was fined last week for a second time this season and the seventh time in his four-year career, docked $31,Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys,500 for a hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. Suh was fined $100,000 for an illegal block on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan in Week 1 during an interception return. That is largest fine in NFL history for on-field conduct, not counting suspensions.
Detroit (4-3) will have an off week after hosting the Cowboys (4-3) on Sunday.
ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) — Ndamukong Suh asked for and was given a chance to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to talk about his play two years ago.
"It's always good to have dialogue and understand where they're coming from and take it from there," Suh said.
Has Suh figured out how the NFL decides to discipline players,Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping?
"I don't know yet,Asics Clearance Shoes Australia," Suh said Wednesday. "I have had brief discussions with my agent and GM. I'm really just focusing on Dallas. I'm not really concerning myself with that,China Jerseys Wholesale, just yet,Cheapest Adidas Shoes Australia, until the bye week comes."

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