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作者: 劉浪好帥啊    時間: 2019-3-8 00:28     標題: Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019

With the 1963 championship and Lombardi trophies along with a Hall of Fame bust alongside him,Jerseys Wholesale, Ditka said he's "been living a dream for 74 years."
There were more video tributes from players,Michael Irvin Jersey, and chairman George McCaskey told the crowd the honor was "a long time coming."
Ditka was the 14th Bear to have his number retired by the team,Cheap Kanken Backpack Uk.
"You don't play the game or coach this game with this in mind,Best Cheap Shoes Website," Ditka told reporters afterward. "It's the icing on the cake,Cheap Jerseys, the final candle,Hydro Flask Barn, whatever you want to call it. It's been a hell of a run."

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