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作者: 劉浪好帥啊    時間: 2019-3-14 17:28     標題: Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Fla.

JACKSONVILLE,Cheap Wholesale Air Max Shoes, Fla. (AP) — Guard Uche Nwaneri has heard all sorts of excuses for opponents losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in recent weeks.
"It's ridiculous," Nwaneri said Monday. "Really,Cheap NFL Gear, are we a high school team and you have to apologize to your city because you lost to us? Come on,Wholesale Air Jordan China, man. This is the NFL. Every win is a hard-earned win.
They're amusing — and insulting,Wholesale Soccer T-shirts.
"There's rarely just easy sailing for any team throughout the season. When you're able to pull out a win,Patriots Jersey Liii Jersey, you celebrate it. When you lose,Cheap Jerseys Online, you try to be as gracious as you can in defeat. But don't trivialize our win because we came in here with a record that wasn't as good as yours."

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