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Pace, voted into the College Football Hall of Fame,Jerseys NFL Cheap, starred with the Buckeyes from 1994-96. He was known as the "Pancake Man" for flattening his opponents with his exceptional blocking techniques. Pace finished fourth in the 1996 Heisman balloting, the highest finish for a lineman since 1980.
"Orlando Pace is not only the best offensive lineman I have ever coached, but he is the best I have ever seen," said former Ohio State coach John Cooper, also a College Football Hall of Fame inductee. "Every game was a highlight reel for him. We ran a lot of counter sweeps and a lot of screens, and on many of those plays Orlando had to be out in front of the ball carrier. And we had some pretty good ball carriers. I don't know how you could play the position any better than he did. He was just a fantastic football player."
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After Rodgers went down against the Bears, McCarthy didn't immediately rule out Rodgers for the following week's game against Philadelphia, saying, "Let's not kid ourselves, if he walked in your office and asked for the ball on Saturday, what would you do?"
When reminded of that Monday, McCarthy said, "Well, it's more than that. Let's be honest,China Jerseys, he's got to practice. There's some physical rehab hurdles to get through that he hasn't reached yet. Like I said, it would be a huge stretch for him to play in this game."

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