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"We talk about the mental preparation," Fox said. "They're going to continue to go through their playbooks, iPads, whatever information source they have, and continue to review. Now it's mostly just reviewing and visualizing what their job is."
To minimize distractions,Fjallraven Australia Store, the Broncos will leave their hotel where they have stayed all week 鈥?and where family and guests of players are staying 鈥?and move to another hotel on Saturday and remain sequestered overnight.
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"You start thinking about the plays afterward. I think some of those, instead of throwing the ball up for grabs, take the underneath guy, get 5 yards and get in second-and-5 instead of ending up in second-and-10,Wholesale Fashion Shoes Australia, third-and-10, fourth-and-10," Luck said.
"I don't think I managed that particularly well. They did a good job of pressure on that last play. You never want to get sacked on fourth down. That's almost one of those cardinal sins."
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"We were just this far off with shots down the field," Newton said. "We thought we'd give our guys an opportunity,Cheap Football Jerseys, Steve, Ted, those guys."
It was the first victory for the new-look Bills under Manuel and coach Doug Marrone. The win came on a day when the Bills honored their 28-member Wall of Fame 鈥?a group that includes Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Marv Levy 鈥?during a halftime ceremony, and a week after the Bills squandered a last-second lead in a 23-21 season-opening loss to the New England Patriots.

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