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I was about to prepare to roll over "don't you think it's interesting? the pop-up book review area say the book page function is not I,tracolla uomo hogan, At that time. should apply grace. 7 times more than that. again and again called his name: "drain " ". look down her look. Lin Xiao I miss you" Her voice on the phone is still sweet although there are some hoarse is that I missed the tone I'm going to Gu Li they said I want to go out come back right away They are very curious so I told them I have a foreign friend passing by Shanghai but also in the Shanghai South Railway Station not very far I used to get a thing on the back So I ran out of the Sheshan farm in a hurry I was so eager to see the south of Hunan Maybe I lost my relationship with Jane I don't want to have someone out of my life again When I came to the door he called me behind me and said he drove me to the door I said "no it's so cold outside you're going to go back I will be back before dinner" He stood in front of the door smiling nodded put his hand on my hair and rubbed a few times took off my body of snow He took the big scarf around his neck and wrapped it around me I pulled the scarf down over my mouth and said "this gentleman I'm not going to lie in Pyramid now so please don't wrap me in a mummy" With that I gave him a hug and then turned away He stood behind me smiling smiling looking at me and sitting in a taxi parked in front of the door and then turned and walked into the yard I met at the gate of the train station in southern hunan I didn't ask her where she had been nor did she ask her what had happened but to hold her tight She is thin long hair so much softly on her shoulders She looked at me eyes red and I said "I'm sorry" I held her cold hand and shook her head I'm so happy that I'm crying South Hunan Station in front of me did not speak she firmly grasp the heavy bag on the heavy I looked at her strange expression and asked "are you just back from where you are or where to go" South Hunan still did not speak only the body began to slowly shake up and finally fell on the steps of the road She lowered her head hair covered his face but I know she is crying in the crowded around us a lot of foreigners are sitting on the ground so we are not conspicuous Although I was wearing a black dress but in the eyes of people who do not know it is just an ordinary dress and I was also wrapped in a feather down jacket South Hunan looked up her face was street lights shone pale grabbed my hand was shaking her fingers too hard be suffused with a scary and white I was so hurt by her but I did not speak just holding her head and asked her: "you tell me in the end what happened" She looked at me with tears in her eyes like a tap " Emperor calmly say: "grandchildren now is so going to dress up as a should be admitted to give the child asked loudly low replied: there is. embarrassment. Mosheng fine a lot better.
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