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   Volts on his shoulders. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the afternoon was Minmin sent for,parapluie burberry pas cher," The words didn't finish saying the hand is a cool is Bo Jinyan suddenly cover the hand over block the call key He made a silent mouth: "go" Yao hesitated Go to Pei Zejia the other people are it is really a good opportunity to understand them But it might also longtanhuxue ah She also covered his mobile phone down and whispered: "how to do" Bo Jinyan is very haughty look at her she seems a silly question "How can I possibly get you in danger" He whispered Jane Yaojing moment again picked up the mobile phone a smile: "well I will go What time Where is it" - night Jane Yao holding more than and 10 pieces of clothing thrown into Bo Jinyan's bed "What to wear" Chao Shou Bo Jinyan to examine the eyes will be those skirts T-Shirts trousers Daliang Jane Yao thought him to give advice who knows he said: "do you want me in your mind imagine you wear the clothes look I'm sorry that I'm not good at this kind of thing" First is a white T-shirt Beige trousers she wore out the seat in the Bo Jinyan on the sofa left hand end with coffee right hand holding the book the rise of the vision is clear stares stares at her for a few seconds finally concluded: "no way" Jane Yao had to change The summer to find a thin clothes installing pinhole camera microphone unobtrusive clothes really not easy And so tried four or five sets often thin Jinyan are attention to scrutinize the posture and looked at her body occasionally also called her turn around look back there is no suitable installation bug Jane feels like a model in the eyes of his discerning eyes This makes her cheeks gradually hot up and secretly some chagrin -- because it is to go to Pei Ze feast She also singled some student purchase now it looks really ugly are going to throw away the old clothes Knew it would be like this." The spring grass leaves,oasics gel, Germany,robe fleurie,Jane Yao is still in the kitchen to do breakfast son to find a daughter-in-law how so hard? drink all the people back to the hotel by taxi. how to count is white workers a su brother has not said that a." Meng Zhi wipe the lip of the beard. to the door.
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