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The owner of Oasis Taxi Service,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Emsley Baptiste is assuring the general public that all of his drivers are of proper character.Baptiste made the comment after one of his driver’s was arrested in connection with the robbery at Phone Depot on Middle Street last Saturday.The managing director said that Saturday’s arrest shows that he now has strengthened his method of employing drivers. The man said that the driver who was arrested had only been working at the taxi service for two weeks.He said that all of his drivers are employed through references and police clearances. However he says that if a person is not convicted the clearance would not show if the person was charged.Recounting Saturday’s episode,wholesale nfl jerseys, Baptiste said that the driver who was arrested had left the base on Hadfield Street and picked up two men who were a short distance away.He said that the driver failed to inform the dispatcher where he was going to drop off the customers.Baptiste further explained that the driver eventually contacted the base,NFL Jerseys Outlet, but only to ask for directions to the Sea Island Hotel.Baptiste said that was the last time the base made contact with him.The owner said that the driver came back to the base sometime after 3:00pm (15:00hrs) and minutes later the police came to the service saying that they were there to arrest a driver who was involved in a robbery.Moreover, Baptiste said that he was not condoning the driver’s actions,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but if it wasn’t for his taxi’s logo, the police would have never been able to arrest anyone.“If persons didn’t recognise my logo the police would have never arrested anyone” Baptiste said.Six men were arrested on Saturday after a daring robbery at Phone Depot. Three of the men were arrested in Tucville and three in Sussex Street. One of the gunmen turned out to be the brother of the taxi driver.The armed bandits stormed the Phone Depot on Middle Street, making off with several laptop computers, cellular phones and digital cameras. They were also said to have taken $200,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys,000 in cash from one of the customers.The bandits, brandishing guns,China Jerseys Wholesale, ordered the employees of the facility as well as customers to lie on the floor and then proceeded to force open several glass cases which contained the items.
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-Enterprise road safety assoc. headPresident of the Enterprise Road Safety Association Chandrapaul Persaud is appealing to drivers,Cheap China Jerseys, especially on the East Coast of Demerara, not to make the roads a battlefield.The appeal comes less than a week before school reopens for the new academic year.As part of their civic duty to keep the roads safe,Wholesale China Jerseys, Persaud and members of his organization on Sunday repainted several road signs along the main east coast carriageway, mostly in the school-dominated areas.The sign painting exercise has become an annual one for the Enterprise Road Safety Association, and in conjunction with the ‘C’ Division (East Coast) Police Traffic Department,Wholesale Jerseys Online, they hope to ensure that the East Coast Demerara roads are the safest in the country.The exercise commenced last week and will conclude this coming weekend and Persaud is optimistic that it will not be one in futility.Members of the Enterprise Road Safety Association repaint a pedestrian crossing at Annandale, East Coast Demerara.“We need all the children and other road users to comply. I am also calling on the police force,Cheap NFL Jerseys, on the East Coast to enforce the law,” Persaud stated.He lamented the wanton loss of lives on Guyana’s roads,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, noting that the attitudes of many operators of both private and public vehicles need to be drastically altered.“I am calling on the drivers, not to make this road a battlefield. Make this road a safe one for the commuters. In another two weeks, we will see all the schoolchildren back on the roads and drivers need to be very careful,” the Enterprise Road Safety Association President said.He also appealed for the ceasing of drinking and driving on the roads,Cheap NFL Jerseys, especially in light of the many entertainment activities that have permeated the country in recent months.

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