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Pandemonium broke out on the Demerara Harbour Bridge at around 06:45 hrs today after a section of the structure collapsed.No one was injured but the bridge has been closed,Jerseys China, resulting in hundreds of commuters being left stranded.The damage occurred at the western end of the bridge.Minibus driver Clyde Clarke told Kaieteur News that he had just drove onto the bridge at the western end with passengers when misfortune struck.“I heard a cracking sound and I realized that the bridge was collapsing,Wholesale Jerseys Online,” a still shaken Mr. Clarke said.???“Some of the passengers were hollering…I got confused and got out the bus and run and leave the passengers.” The vehicle was left partly submerged in water.Mr. Clarke said he eventually returned and managed to reverse off the damaged structure.“It was really scary; it was an experience that I wouldn’t want to get again.”He believes that the consequences would have been tragic had the damage occurred further out on the bridge.(See full coverage in tomorrow’s issue)
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– access in and out of Linden difficult The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is calling on relevant parties to have meaningful talks on returning Linden to normalcy, taking into consideration the adverse social and economic impacts the unrest there has on the community and the country as a whole.Linden remains a ghost town.The protest in the mining town, which on Wednesday last originally targeted electricity rates increase,NFL Jerseys Supply, has now taken into account the killing of three residents- Selwyn Boyea,Wholesale China Jerseys, Ron Somerset, and Allen Lewis- by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).Access in and out of Linden either from Georgetown or the Linden to Lethem trail is being impeded by protestors, who have blocked the roadways. Minibuses working from Linden and Mahdia are unable to travel to Georgetown.Hire cars located at the Linden Bus Park in the city are being used by passengers to go to the mining town- but they could only go as far as Ameila’s Ward. However, some city hire car drivers are also affected since most of their passengers come from Linden and Mahdia.Trucks heading to the interior are forced to use river transport. This too is problematic since they have been stalled at Parika Stelling. The boat to transport them to Bartica will not be working until Tuesday.Truck drivers are peeved that Government did not put provisions in place given the hassle of travelling through Linden.A representative of the PSC stated that the protest is having a huge impact on the business community as large, medium and small businesses are closed. A major concern is that productive hours are being lost,Cheap NFL Jerseys, especially in the bauxite industry.“Large supermarkets are closed while some corner shop operators who have been selling through the “side window” are running low on stocks,” a Linden resident said late yesterday afternoon.According to the representative, the gold mining industry is affected with its sustenance being threatened. The sector depends on Linden for fuel and food but with the closure of the road,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, gas stations and supermarkets, essential commodities are running low. This could see reduced operations in the mining industry,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the representative stated.It was noted that this situation is not isolated to Linden, since businesses in the city that supply various materials to the industry are also affected.According to the representative, the situation in Linden needs to be resolved quickly so that normalcy would be restored. The Commission engaged President Donald Ramotar, Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, APNU Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon and Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon to discuss the way forward for Linden.In all the chaos, the representative said the Commission believes there are honest intentions.Speaking on the electricity rate increase that sparked the protest,Wholesale China Jerseys, the representative said it is amanagement issue where proper public awareness was needed. However, the loss oflives, has changed the landscape of the issue and overshadowed the initial reason for the protest.
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A former employee of Banks DIH Limited was yesterday placed on $75,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic,000 bail after he was accused of stealing a Blackberry torch cell phone worth $150,Cheap NFL Jerseys,000. The phone is said to have belonged to a fellow employee.David Hendricks who was a packing staff of the company is accused of stealing the cell phone on September 27,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, last,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, while at Thirst Park.The accused was represented by Attorney-at-law Paul Fung-A-Fat. The lawyer asked for bail and explained that the phone went missing in a dressing room to which numerous persons had access. He asked that bail be set at an affordable sum. The prosecution did not object to this and the court granted bail.
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All's fair,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he says,NFL Jerseys Outlet, when you're trying to win a league — as long as it's within the rule structure.
John Hansen, an analyst for DirecTV's Fantasy Zone channel who has worked in fantasy sports for about two decades, says fantasy players are smarter than ever,Cheap NFL Jerseys, creating big parity in leagues and less of an edge for savvy players to win.
It's not just about a solo high score built factoring in byes,NFL Jerseys Cheap, injuries and your team's situations. You've got to consider opponents and counter their moves.
It's a competitiveness Hansen sees play out on Sundays with people looking to Fantasy Zone — a Red Zone-like channel that skips around games to talk only about fantasy football — for immediate analysis. They're even asking who to start the following week on Twitter right after the games end,NFL Jerseys China, Hansen said.
Now, with Week 13 likely to determine playoff brackets and single-elimination games the rest of the way in most leagues, it's time to get away from the bowling or golf mentality.
Most likely, they'll be doing the same to you.
Here are some things when doing opposition research that fall into that spirit of gamesmanship:
Up to now, most of your fantasy football season has been about putting together the best team you can: Scoring the most points each week and not worrying too much about moves your head-to-head opponents may be making beyond rooting against their players on Sundays.

"Anything you can do to gain an advantage," he said.
"It's never been more popular and competitive than ever — particularly this year,Cheap Atlanta Braves Hoodies," said Hansen, who also hosts a fantasy radio show on SiriusXM. "I'm now to the point where I just want to be wrong fewer times than the other guy because we're all going to be wrong."
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–?? ?Voice health concerns,Cheap NFL Jerseys, want new union representationBy Enid Joaquin“We ain’t want NAACIE, because dem ‘nah see’ wha go on, dey for de company and de Government not fuh workers, so right now we want a new Union fuh represent we!”That was the consensus of workers of Bosai Guyana Inc. who yesterday downed tools to protest several issues affecting them.Topping their list of grievances was the dust nuisance within the mining areas where they work.According to the workers,NFL Jerseys China, they need a water truck to continually douse the areas where they work and traverse, because the clouds of dust that billows around them every day, makes breathing very difficult, and has even caused one of their colleagues to be hospitalised due to the dust that has accumulated in his lungs.They also complained that the bus that transports them to and from the mining sites is a ‘dust collector,Wholesale Jerseys,’? and therefore not fit to be on the road, as when it rains, they get wet, and when the weather is dry, the dust envelopes them.“Right now we need a new bus,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, and an air-conditioned one; because them ‘big ones’ when dey going into the mines, dey driving in air-conditioned Prado, with all the windows roll up. We want de same kind of treatment. We are human beings too. And if they can’t get a water truck let them engage the fire tender to wet the place every day,China NFL Jerseys, because we can’t continue like this.”“This dust ain’t healthy at all, because it blocking up people lungs, and if we get sick from it the salary we working for can’t cushion us,” one bulldozer operator pointed out.“And we working hard…real hard, because we already make we target for this quarter, so management got to look out for we- we need we target money. But instead of that when we reach we target they change, they don’t stick to the initial plan, they change it to a higher target; when they do that they only frustrate the workers,” one worker lamented.Workers also complained that there is no ambulance,NFL Jerseys China, in the event that there is an emergency in the mines. They are also calling on the Management of Bosai to stop victimising them, when they stand up for their rights.“We need officials from the Ministry of Labour to come and visit and see the conditions we work under- and we ain’t want them to just come at the Plant and stand at the fence and look around, we want them to go into the mines, and see the sea of dust we have to contend with every day.”Guyana Public Service Union Region 10 representative Maurice Butters who was on hand to speak with the workers said that his union is ‘very much behind’ the workers and is prepared to support them in their struggle.Butters said that he empathised with the workers as quite a few of them had met him individually in the streets on numerous occasions and complained about the prevailing issues. He added that he hoped that the issues could be dealt with urgently, and to the workers’satisfaction. He expressed dissatisfaction with the way the foreigners ‘come into this country and behaving as though they own it’, in reference to both the Bosai situation and other issues relating to the RUSAL operations at Aroima.Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon later yesterday morning met with the workers and after listening to their grievances, told them that most of the issues that they were complaining about (including money) he and a team of concerned stakeholders had recently engaged the company on.“We are always concerned with what is going on with Bosai, and we found that they are not honouring a lot of their commitments, so we decided to meet with them to look at some issues; and we were given the assurance that they would be looking into a lot of those, beginning as early as tomorrow (today).”

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