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作者: hunikieSuv    時間: 2018-1-13 06:30     標題: Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Nadine Prasad

A 30-year-old man is in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he was chopped several times about his body,Cheap Jerseys, while the alleged attacker ‘Boy’ is currently in police custody at the Diamond Police Station.Dodeo Narine, of 26 North East Grove, East Bank Demerara,Cheap China NFL Jerseys, who operates a Rum Shop, popularly called ‘Back Shop’ was brutally attacked around 20:00 hours on Saturday.The attacker also resides at North East Grove.When this newspaper visited the scene, the victim’s wife was rushing to the hospital but was still able to describe the ‘terrible state’ her husband was in.She related that Narine could not eat nor speak and was in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) at GPHC.It was also understood that the incident stemmed from an argument over who could play their music the loudest.The injured Dodeo NarineAccording to the victim’s wife, Nadine Prasad,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, her husband was playing music to entertain his customers at the shop but stopped the music sometime around 8:00pm.He then proceeded to turn off the music in his car, which was parked at his gate.It was after Narine stopped his music, that his neighbour continued in a louder tone.This affected Narine’s 11-month old baby who they had recently put to sleep, since the neighbour’s ‘music equipment’ was situated right opposite the baby’s room.This led to the businessman going over to his neighbour’s yard to politely explain that his baby was asleep and requested that the volume of the music be lowered.But the neighbour became annoyed and started an argument.He then ran inside of his house and collected a cutlass and rushed out to Narine.According to the victim’s wife,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, her husband thought it was a piece of wood that the neighbour had in his hand,Cheap NFL Jerseys, hence he picked up a plank in order to defend himself.However his efforts failed when several chops rained down on his body.The attack only stopped when other neighbours intervened.The badly injured man was rushed to the hospital,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while is attacker was later arrested when he went to report the matter to the police at the Diamond/Grove Police Station. (Romila Boodram)
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The Guyana Government? through Attorney General Mahabir? Anil Nandlall, has filed an injunction against remigrant Guyanese Janak Jodhan also known as Jodan Boodram of lot 85 Tain Settlement Corentyne, Berbice to quit a plot of land he is occupying at Port Mourant.Justice Brassington Reynolds sitting in the Civil Jurisdiction of the Berbice High court heard the application on Thursday and granted an interim injunction barring Janak Jodhan from occupying a portion of land situated at John-Port Mourant Village, Corentyne. The writ which was filed on behalf of Region Six Chairman David Armogan was filed on Wednesday.The defendant who is said to be a member of the AFC has been given two weeks to respond to the affidavit.The affidavit is giving the defendant time to appear in the High Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature at the Law Courts, New Amsterdam, Berbice, and that in default the Plaintiff may proceed and secure judgment.The writ is claiming that the Government of Guyana was the owner of the 329 acres of land at John-Port Mourant that the defendant occupied.The writ states that the defendant has been occupying the said land for the past two years without any permission from the Government of Guyana and is therefore in unlawful possession and occupation of the said land.On June 10, 2013 a Notice to Quit was served on the defendant by the Senior Land Administrative Officer, Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, Regional Democratic Council, Region Six, Berbice.On September 23, 2013 a final notice to quit was served on the defendant after he refused to comply with the notice to quit served on him on June 10,NFL Jerseys Supply, 2013.It goes on to state that the defendant has been causing extensive damage to the said land by the removal of sand to build fish ponds without the consent of the Government of Guyana.The said land is closer to the foreshore and higher than the surrounding villages and without proper maintenance of drains,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, causes flooding in those areas.The defendant’s occupation of the land interferes with the state’s access to do remedial work to the sea defence which failure is likely to have catastrophic results, the writ stated.Further, the said land has been traditionally used as a communal pasture for the grazing of cattle and livestock by the residents of the surrounding villages, however,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the defendant has been physically restraining and preventing the villagers from utilizing the land for these purposes.As a result of the unlawful actions of the Defendant more than 2000 residents in the surrounding villages are affected.The defendant continues to refuse to give up occupation and possession of the property even after the notice was served on him to quit. His occupation continues to cause serious degradation to the said land and surrounding villages, it added.The Attorney General stated that the plaintiff,Cheap Jerseys From China, who is a remigrant, has forcefully taken over the land and has been using it without permission. In so doing he has put up structures and has a fish pond and has the residents of the villages of Tain, Johns and Clifton,Cheap Jerseys Store, Port Mourant and other areas out of business,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, forcing them off the land.He stated that the land is also higher that all the villages so whenever he drains water it floods the adjoining villages, forcing the residents into hardships.? He said that the government will not continue to stand idly by and allow bullies to ride rough shod over poor residents in this country.As long as we have the proof from The NDC’s and RDC’s we are going to move all over the country and go after people who think they are above the law.Region Six Chairman David Armogan stated that the issue has been in existence for some time before he took office and despite their best efforts this man has refused to move.“He has shown no regard for authority. I think it has reaches a stage where he has said to us ‘go to hell’ and we cannot allow this to continue.”
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After paying an international construction company named Habiquad-Guyana, some clients are peeved at the slow pace of any move to construct their homes.According to Charmaine Matthews, her father recently took out a low income mortgage from the Citizens Bank to build their first home.She said that her father is maturing in age and wants to provide his children with their own home, although he is working at the Kuru Kuru Cooperative College on a minimal salary.A picture taken by Habiquad Global of works being done on Matthews’s house Ms Matthew further said her father decided to go with a company out of the Lodge Area called Habiquad, and “they are building fire and termite resistant homes with a material they call SIP. The first shipment of this so called material was supposed to arrive in Guyana in February. It is now April and nothing has been done no preparatory works have started on our property or nothing.”She explained that on each occasion when her father visited Habiquad office at 202 Lodge “we are greeted by one Diane Leitch with the most outrageous of excuses and she then becomes abusive when we ask questions, the owner of the company has since left for the US and was supposed to return within a matter of days it is months now and nothing is done. I can no longer bear seeing the frustrated look on my father’s face.”Other persons who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation said that Habiquad-Guyana has taken their money and are procrastinating with building their homes.When James Saleh, the Chief Executive Officer of Habiquad Global, which is the parent company of Habiquad-Guyana was contacted,NFL Jerseys Outlet, it was disclosed that Habiquad – Guyana, commenced work on Mr. Matthew’s project on 11/15/10, and due to inclement weather work was stopped.The parent company further stated in an email that after confirmation the client’s mortgage was approved by Citizens Bank on 1/27/11 “we resumed work on January,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, last, in which time we completed excavation and the prep work before the inclement weather returned and lasted for two weeks.”However, on February 11, last,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the foundation was completed and the inclement weather returned for another six days after which works started and continued the curb wall, stairs and septic tank by February 22.“Mr. Matthews has been keep abreast of every event, and Mr. Vernon Wilson, Managing Director, took him to the site on two occasions to see the progress on his site.? Actually, Mr. Wilson spoke with Mr. Matthews this morning (yesterday) with an update,Wholesale Jerseys China, so we are unclear on a couple of points and that is the treatment of him and the fact that she states no work has been done on this project.”The company stated that currently they are under manufacturing and will be shipping these to Georgetown shortly. “Mr. Matthews was informed that his unit would take approximately four months for completion after confirmation of his mortgage with Citizens Bank, which occurred on January 27.“Habiquad Global, LLC and Habiquad-Guyana remain committed to establishing a reputable and trustworthy company in Guyana.? We plan to follow through with the development of a local manufacturing facility,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and to bring safe, affordable,China Jerseys Wholesale, termite and fire resistant houses to the local Guyanese Community.”

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