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Under the Ministry of Home Affairs,Cheap Jerseys, bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board for the procurement of stationery,Wholesale Jerseys, dietary and miscellaneous supplies for the Ministry. The bids are as followed:BidderAmountFeroze Ali$27M (No compliance certificate submitted)Mohammed Asad$34.9MKalhud Chemical Company$23.8MRomel Taylor$1.1MR Maraj General Construction$262.9MIshmael Jainarine$582.2MJ.S Supermarket$49M (Incomplete Registration)UNA’s Variety$6MMetro Stationary Supplies$6.5MFloyd Levy$50.4MAndrew’s Enterprise$21.1MMemorex Enterprise$17.2MDynes Green & Grocery$480.1MM Danraj Woodworking Establishment$403.6MT. Naitram$23.4MRegal Stationery & Computer Supplies$51.8MM.J Supermarket$10.6MAmrita Harrypersaud$14.9M
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Family not likely to follow throughThe third post mortem examination which was expected to be conducted today on the remains of Bridgette Gangadeen has been postponed indefinitely.Sources close to the Gangadeen family told Kaieteur News that the family has not been able to procure a pathologist who would carry out the examination.Bridgette Gangadeen High Court Judge Justice Rishi Persaud,NFL Jerseys China, on Saturday granted a motion to Dwarka Gangadeen which prevented his wife’s family from cremating her remains.As a requirement of the order,Cheap Jerseys Online, the husband must find a pathologist to carry out the examination no later than 10:30 am today. If this is not done the order would be discharged.The source said that the family is presently being advised by their attorney not to follow through with the third post mortem.Moreover,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, when this newspaper contacted the Jerrick’s Funeral Home, one staffer said that no one has requested the woman’s body.The staffer said that they are awaiting the outcome of today’s court proceeding.Meanwhile, Heeralall Sukdeo, an uncle of the dead woman, said that no one has called to inform the family what is taking place.One police source close to the investigation has told Kaieteur News that a new file has been constructed. The file would be sent to the Director of Prosecutors Shalimar Ali Hack today. Meanwhile, Dwarka Gangadeen is still in police custody.On Saturday Justice Persaud granted a motion stopping the cremation of Bridgette Gangadeen. He also ordered a third autopsy.Minutes before the cremation was scheduled to begin,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Dwarka Gangadeen turned up with court marshals to serve the writ to relatives. In the process of serving the writ,Wholesale China Jerseys, Gangadeen received a sound beating by the dead woman’s relatives in high drama at the Good Hope,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, East Coast Demerara foreshore.Gangadeen had moved to the court to get the court order and secure his wife’s body after a Trinidadian pathologist – hired by the dead woman’s relatives —told Police investigators she was strangled.Bridgette Gangadeen’s body, with her head crushed, was found lying outside the Vigilance Police Station last weekend. Relatives claimed that the woman endured 14 years of abuse, and have claimed she was murdered. But in a sworn affidavit, the man claims a blissful marriage with “minor problems.”The Police had initially said that they were treating the case as murder, and not as an accident. Police in the first post mortem report said she died of a fractured skull.Relatives of the dead woman paid some US$3000 to procure a Trinidadian pathologist, Hubert Daisley, to perform a second post mortem examination.According to the pathologist’s report, which was seen by this newspaper, the woman died as a result of strangulation with hemorrhage in a left strap muscle of the neck and left thyroid gland.Attorney-at- Law Basil Williams, who refrained from divulging too much, said that the Trinidadian pathologist even visited the vehicle and said it was highly impossible that the woman could have jumped from the vehicle and ended up underneath the wheel. The lawyer further queried why the victim had not suffered any broke limbs if she had jumped from the vehicle. (Latoya Giles)
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The Guyana Veterans Legion, on Friday received another sizable donation, on the celebration of Veterans Day, as Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Mark Phillips, handed over a cheque for $1M to the association.? This was done on the occasion of the Veterans Day Wreath Laying Ceremony, held at the Veterans’ Monument on the Front Lawns,A section of the veterans who participated in the Veterans Day Wreath laying ceremony.Base Camp Ayanganna.President David Granger, himself a retired Brigadier from the Defence Force and now Commander in Chief, received the Presidential Salute,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which was followed by the last post and then one minute of silence for Guyana’s fallen heroes.Wreaths were laid by President Granger,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, Chief of Staff Mark Phillips, Lt. Colonel (Ret’d) George Gomes, Lt. Colonel (Ret’d) Hartley Liverpool and Ms. Cheryl Tappin, President of the Ex GDF Association of New York. Words of prayers were also offered by the Hindu Priest, a Muslim priest and the Force Chaplin.Before handing over the monetary donation to President of the Guyana Veterans’ Legion, Retired Colonel George Gomes, Brigadier Phillips said that the army was more than pleased to acknowledge the efforts of the fallen heroes and those still alive.“This is indeed an acknowledgement of your collective service in the defence of Guyana, in support of diplomacy to safeguard our national interest and your contribution to the development and the protection of democracy in Guyana,” Brigadier Phillips said.He added that the army is heartened by the President’s recent decision to establish the National Veterans Commission, as it will support the conduct of investigations and the making of recommendations for the improvement of the living standards for the deserving veterans.On the occasion, President of the Guyana Veterans’ Legion,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Retired Colonel Gomes, lauded the efforts of the administration for the efforts being made to take care of the well-being of veterans. “When a young person enlists in the GDF it is the highest level of service he or she can give to a country. They are prepared to lay down their life for the country and to make the ultimate sacrifice if that is required,” Gomes said.He added that it is with great gratitude that the Veterans have already begun to “observe the winds of change blowing favourably” in their direction. “I’m extremely proud of the high level of service being given to our nation by veterans, from the very top; here I’m speaking about our President, and Minister of State and many others…” Gomes told the large gathering.Gomes also used the opportunity to call for the GDF to address the diet of soldiers based on health issue trends among veterans.? The Veterans’ Association currently has a “shut in list” of veterans totaling 85. Of this group, 36 are diabetic, 19 are visually impaired and eight are amputees. Twenty seven members have been stricken with stoke.With this situation facing the association, Gomes also made a plea for a medical team to be made available, once a week for those in need of medical care.As he congratulated the GDF on the occasion of their 50th anniversary,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Gomes said the theme “Commemorating the past,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, celebrating the present, and Carving the future” is a very timely one. “We veterans feel involved as you commemorate the past. We are here today to celebrate the present and we will volunteer to play our part in carving your future. We can pass on valuable experience and tradition on to serving soldiers. I urge you Chief of Staff to make use of us while you still have… we are prepared to contribute to the further development of the GDF,” Gomes said.President of the Ex GDF Association, Ms. Cheryl Tappin, thanked the new administration as she called on those who have the means to emulate and replicate the recent gestures made by the government in their support to veterans.Further,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, what made today’s event even more nostalgic for the veterans was to see eight of their colleagues being bestowed with the title “the first soldiers” and being honored with caps bearing that title. One of these distinguished gentlemen, Lt. Colonel Hartley Liverpool who was among those honored and is the tenth rank in the Army, said his years in the force are what he considers the best years of his life.

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