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標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China Joseph [打印本頁]

作者: Fpblbt17    時間: 2018-1-13 15:35     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China Joseph

Following the newspaper expos? on the 20 Lenovo laptops that were purchased by Office of the President, a female employee, Marcel Joseph, has reportedly been sacked.Joseph held the position of Technical Research Officer and was one of the signatories on the delivery receipt for the first set of computers. There were 13 computers in that shipment.Promptly after Kaieteur News published the story about the 20 laptops, and in the wake of the denial by Office of the President,Cheap Jerseys, this newspaper published the three receipts and proved beyond doubt that the purchases were made. Office of the President then admitted to the purchases but contended that they were not linked to the One Laptop Per Family project.This newspaper never made such a link.Joseph,NFL Jerseys Supply, and her other two colleagues who signed for subsequent deliveries were called into Nanda Gopaul’s office and questioned about their knowledge as to how the information leaked. Each was asked, and all responded in the negative. They were then told to give a statement.Subsequently Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford called a meeting with the three employees. This meeting was held at the Public Service Ministry. Kaieteur News understands that the persons went through a similar drill as at the previous meeting.Days later,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Joseph was served with a letter which stated that her contract would be terminated. That contract would have come to an end on March 7. It stated that it could be terminated without reason. However,Sale NFL Jerseys, she was supposed to have been given 30 days’ notice and one month’s salary.The 25-year-old is currently on 30 days’ leave. The letter was signed by a personnel officer.Sources disclosed that,Wholesale Jerseys China, Joseph, who had been working at Office of the President for years,Wholesale Jerseys, went to Kwame McCoy who told her that there is nothing he could do about the matter. She then went to a Public Service Commissioner who told her that there is nothing he could do to help her since once she signed a contract she was no longer a public servant.Efforts by this newspaper to contact Joseph proved futile.

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