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Yet another mother is bringing the health sector under scrutiny, following a botched delivery which resulted in her baby being still born.Teresa Lalltoo, 30, a mother of one gave birth to a dead baby girl on April 19, 2015 at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The woman was transferred to that institution from the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).The woman had been experiencing labour complications at the WDRH and since there was no staff capacity to deal with her condition at the time, she had to be referred to the country’s premier medical institution.Yesterday at her Pourderoyen, West Coast Demerara (WCD) home, Lalltoo told a Kaieteur News reporter that she is still trying to come to grips mentally with her mishap and is in the process of recovering physically also.The distraught woman, who was surrounded by her relatives, had to dig deep to find the strength to talk about her experience. As Lalltoo was unable to talk about it she presented a written report of what transpired.Kaieteur News understands that two Saturdays ago, Lalltoo paid a visit to her doctor, Dr. Ravi Persaud. After an examination, she was advised that her delivery time was near and was instructed to go home but to return whenever she began to experience intense pain.Teresa Lalltoo is consoled by her brother.The doctor told her she should call and he will make himself readily available to assist or oversee her delivery.She then went home, carrying on with her usual activities. After experiencing minor contractions, the pain intensified and the woman contacted her doctor who assured her that it was nothing to worry about and advised that he be contacted when the pain becomes worse.After three hours of intense,NFL Jerseys China, unbearable pain,Cheap NFL Jerseys, she then called him back before she was rushed to the WDRH by her mother. Upon arrival, Miss Lalltoo was placed to sit in the waiting area where little or no attention was given to her up to the point where she was asked by a nurse if she was there to “put on a show.”Thirty minutes of waiting to be examined eventually came to an end. Arrangements for her examinations were made and she was subsequently examined. When examined, she was found to have a cervical dilation of 3cm, but 10cm is the ideal dilation for birthing.She was then escorted to the pre-natal ward of the WDRH where she was admitted to await further cervical dilation to enable delivery. Doctors predicted that she would have given birth at approximately 1-2 am the following day.Family members turned up at 6:30am the following day to visit their relative but were told that visiting hours were not until 2:30 the afternoon. Assuming that all was well, they subsequently left, only to be called sometime later to be informed that the baby was still yet to be born as the cervix did not progress from the initial 3cm dilation.According to reports, Lalltoo had stopped feeling pain and doctors had suggested that it was possible to put her on ‘drips’ to induce labour and create the condition for natural delivery.However there are a number of risk factors in attempting this, and it requires the use of a theatre and skilled professionals to handle the case.? In the absence of skilled staff, this was administered to Lalltoo. According to the family, Lalltoo was given a more concentrated volume of the oxytocin drips as the initial dose was apparently not effective as was expected.According to one doctor present, “it would be an experiment, as he never encountered a mother who failed to progress or get pains even with the administration of oxytocin.” But it seemed to have assisted as the cervical dilation progressed to 7cm by 1:30pm.“But she water bag didn’t burst yet,” a relative stated. Professionals would refer to such occurrence as an intact membrane.A call was then made by the nurses to carry out an artificial rupture of membranes, where a slim object was placed up the vagina and allowed to puncture the amnion (water bag).At that point,Cheap Jerseys 2018, instead of just the amniotic fluid coming forth, a portion of the umbilical cord came out and was lodged in the vagina; a phenomenon known as cord prolapsed, which has great potential negative effects on the foetus.Knowing the emergency of such occurrence,Wholesale Jerseys China, doctors came rushing to the woman’s aid and attempted to insert the cord back into the vagina but those attempts were futile.All the while the foetal heart rate was being monitored and it dropped quickly from a strong 165 beats to 45 beats per minute.This drop in the heart rate is characteristic of cord prolapsed and could decrease until it stops completely, which would mark foetal demise or death of the foetus.Because of this,<a href="http://www.nbacheap


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The operations of the Inter-Agency Suicide Prevention Help Line which was launched by the Guyana Police Force on August 06,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, 2015,Cheap Jerseys From China, were yesterday given a boost through the donation of a complete desktop computer by the Management of the Innovative Mining Company of Garnett Street,Nike Air Max 95 Black, Campbellville,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, Georgetown.Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud receives the computer from Innovative Mining Company Official Mohini Heera. They are flanked by members of the Help Line’s Steering Committee.The Inter-Agency Suicide Prevention Help Line is based at Police Headquarters,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, Eve Leary, and is in operation on a 24-hour basis.It is an avenue through which depressed persons,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, or their relatives or friends, can call with a view to the affected person receiving psychological assistance by way of counseling.The Inte- Agency Suicide Prevention Help Line can be accessed through the following telephone numbers: 223-0818, 223-0009 and 223-0001; Mobile: 600-7896 or 623-4444.It can also be reached via Email: [email protected]; BBM: 2BE55649 or 2BE56020;Twitter: @guyanaagency; Whatsapp: 600-7896 or 623-4444 or Facebook: Guyana Interagency Suicide Prevention Help Line.


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,NFL Jerseys China
Why then, are the phrases spelled out in floor tile at the Lululemon store at a Buffalo-area mall?
In response to online backlash,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the store covered the area with a rug and says it'll be replaced.
The yoga gear company tells The Buffalo News (http://bit.ly/ZucjrK ) it was meant as an ode to Buffalo's strength in the face of adversity,NFL Jerseys Wholesale.
Fans saw it as a mocking slap in the face,Discount NFL Jerseys.
BUFFALO,Cheap NFL Jerseys, N.Y. (AP) — They are phrases that define the heartbreak of Buffalo sports fans: "Wide Right" and "No Goal."
Wide right is a reminder of kicker Scott Norwood's missed field goal attempt that cemented the Buffalo Bills' 1991 Super Bowl loss to the Giants. And no goal evokes the Dallas Stars' 1999 Stanley Cup win over the Buffalo Sabres on a questionable Brett Hull goal,Wholesale Jerseys.


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NFL rushing leader DeMarco Murray had 136 yards for Dallas, his fifth straight 100-yard game to start the season.
The Texans pulled even by converting a fourth down on a drive to Randy Bullock's 29-yard field, then got the ball back in just 32 seconds. They went 45 yards in four plays to Foster's second touchdown with 41 seconds left.
Bryant's jump-ball grab set up Dan Bailey's winning 49-yard field goal, and the Cowboys bounced back from blowing a 10-point lead late in fourth quarter to beat the Houston Texans 20-17 on Sunday.
Romo answered four plays later on probably the best test so far of his back after surgery last December to repair a herniated disk.
"Certainly it's one for the ages with Romo," coach Jason Garrett said. "There's a handful of those he's had throughout his career, and I think you can add that one to the list."
"Dez,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, I've seen him make it a million times," said Jason Witten, who became the third tight end in NFL history with 10,000 career yards receiving. "I don't know that there's two better people at clutch moments than Tony and him."
Then, when the 34-year-old quarterback playing with a surgically repaired back made another off-balance throw under pressure in overtime, Dez Bryant's spectacular catch saved the Dallas Cowboys from a late meltdown.
Witten helped set up Williams' score with a 34-yard catch to join Tony Gonzalez and Shannon Sharpe as the only tight ends with 10,000 career yards receiving. He finished with 59 yards to put him at 10,014.
Houston had just 86 yards total offense at halftime, but Foster had 117 rushing himself in the second half. He went 48 yards on consecutive plays,NFL Jerseys Supply, the latter from 15 to put Houston ahead 7-3 in the third quarter.
The Cowboys (4-1) won their fourth straight for the first time since 2011 heading into a trip to Super Bowl champion Seattle,Wholesale Jerseys, their only road game in a stretch of six games.
"Just got to come down with it, come down with it," said Bryant, who had game highs with nine catches and 85 yards. "That's something I always tell Tony. If the ball is in the air, I'm going to try my best to come down with it."

It looked like he would get the TD, but Romo instead threw a 2-yard scoring pass to Bryant for a 17-7 lead in the fourth quarter.
"We had to go down and basically win the game twice," said Romo,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, who threw for 324 yards with two touchdowns with an interception that took away a scoring chance in the fourth quarter. "You just put your work hat on and go out and execute."
After the Texans scored twice in the last 2:27 of regulation,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China, Bailey's miss from 53 yards on the final play ended a franchise record streak of 30 straight made field goals.
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Tony Romo took a few extra moments on the ground, right arm raised to celebrate a long touchdown pass after he escaped what looked like a sure sack for J.J. Watt.
"Football is a brutal game," Watt said. "It's brutal on your body. It's brutal on your emotions. To fight back the way we did, to show that resilience, it was good to see. But at the end of the day,Cheap Jerseys From China, we lost the game."
Murray, who had his fourth fumble in five games in the first quarter, was denied a chance to join Jim Brown and O.J. Simpson as the only running backs with at least 100 yards and one touchdown in the first five games of the season.
After the Cowboys stopped the Texans on the first possession of overtime, they were facing third-and-8. Romo unloaded off his back foot to avoid a sack. Bryant reached over Johnathan Joseph on a 37-yard gain to the Houston 31. Bailey's kick came three plays later.
NOTES: Texans WR Andre Johnson became the second-faster receiver to 950 catches by finishing with five for 954 after 159 games. He'll have to wait at least another week to be the second fastest to 13,000 yards, finishing with 58 to fall 19 yards short. He has two more games to beat Marvin Harrison's mark of 162 games. Jerry Rice did it in 154. ... Murray set a Dallas' franchise record with his fifth straight 100-yard game to start the season. Emmitt Smith had four in 1995.
The Texans (3-2) rallied behind Arian Foster, who had 157 yards rushing and a tying 1-yard score with 41 seconds left in regulation.
He spun to his right as Watt closed in, then threw about as far as he could with more pressure coming. Terrance Will