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– Ralph RamkarranFormer PPPC stalwart Ralph Ramkarran believes that Guyana’s only solution to the present Parliamentary “tension and gridlock” is through early elections and, if the need arises, shared governance should be considered.His opinions were reflected in an online published article titled “Repairing Guyana’s broken system of governance” on his website called “The conversation tree.”Former Speaker of the National Assembly,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Ralph RamkarranThe former Speaker of the National Assembly, who severed ties with the PPPC last year,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, admitted that having given thought to the specific challenges faced by Guyana, “I had supported the current system because it allowed the largest party to retain the presidency.”But Ramkarran noted that he was of the opinion that if a situation such as the current one arose, a coalition government would have been the “natural” outcome. “Clearly I was wrong.”In his online article, Ramkarran stated that there is nothing inherently undemocratic about a minority government. He even went at lengths to point out that the Prime Minister Harper of Canada led two minority governments.Nevertheless, Ramkarran said that “minority governments do not last and are not expected to.”The veteran politician pointed out that Guyana’s minority government appears to expect opposition support for its policies and in Parliament once it offers cooperation.“But the Opposition has other ideas and the result, not unexpectedly, is heightened tension and gridlock which will continue for the life of the Government. The immediate solution can only be early elections and a coalition government if the same or similar results are obtained, as occurs in almost every other country in the world.”Broken system of governmentRamkarran said that while Guyana awaits reality of his propositions,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, “our broken system of government must be repaired.”The former speaker explained that Guyana has an executive presidency, answerable to neither parliament nor cabinet for executive decisions, is not bound by cabinet decisions, cannot be charged or sued, virtually cannot be impeached, controls the date for elections, can be elected by a minority and dominates the Parliament through the executive if his/her party or list has a majority.“Where the president’s party does not have a majority and refuses to bring other forces in the government, chaos and gridlock prevail as at the present time.”He said that in a broad framework,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, “we need to have a prime minister as head of government from the political party obtaining the largest number of votes, answerable to and bound by both parliament and the cabinet,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, who is bound by the law as every citizen, who must have not only the support of the majority of the parliament but whose government must comprise on an equitable basis at least two political parties, the other political party having obtained the second largest number of votes.“Where the position outlined above is unachievable within a specified timeframe after elections because of disagreement, the government may be formed by any one or more political parties which can command the majority support of the parliament.“This system of government should be accompanied by substantial devolution of authority to regional and local government authorities, a strengthened judiciary and independently appointed and functioning constitutional bodies.”Since the 2011 elections,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, at which the People Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) enjoyed benefits of retaining executive government, there has been little progress in the National Assembly.This situation exists because even though the PPP/C gained the presidency; the joint parliamentary opposition—A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC)—enjoys a majority of voting members in the National Assembly.This instance marks the first time Guyana has seen a minority Government.A number of passed Bills still await the President’s assent including a bill passed in the House to repeal the benefits offered to Former Presidents.At the last sitting, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall emphatically said that he will advise the president not to assent to a passed Bill that seeks to amend the constitution so as to make a number of agencies, including the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) independent.


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The woman who severely burnt her six-year-old son and his five-year old cousin on the penis and buttocks after she caught them experimenting in something deemed to be an unnatural act, is now accusing the Child Protection Services of being negligent with the children.The two boys have been in the care of the state ever since the incident which was widely publicised in the media.Kaieteur News understands that it is not the first time that the boys have been in the state’s care as their mother has had many hiccups with the law.The woman, Joy Hilliman, told Kaieteur News that she was making her way home last Monday when she saw her three sons swimming in the ‘blacka’, which is located some distance away from the Sophia Child Care Centre where they are being housed.While two of her sons ran away, Hilliman managed to grab the youngest one and two other youths and brought them to the offices of this newspaper to prove the agency’s negligence.The infuriated woman blamed the CPA for not paying much attention to the children in its care,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, allowing them to escape thus endangering their lives.Meanwhile, the Supervisor of the Sophia Care Centre, Roxanne Blenman, did not deny the allegations and explained that the boys have been quite a challenge ever since they were sent there.It was reported that on the day in question, the boys along with a few others were playing basketball in the centre’s compound when they were called to go wash up for an afternoon snack while the caregivers assisted the younger children in getting ready for theirs.Just before snack time a head count was done to ensure that every child will be receiving a snack. It was during this exercise that the boys were discovered missing.It is believed that the boys climbed over the back fence and made good their escape.An immediate search was launched but it was the mother of the boys who saw the boys swimming and informed the Supervisor of the home.Blenman said that the Sophia facility is not a prison and keeping the children inside and locked up defeats the whole purpose of the centre. As such the children are allowed to play and be free to some extent.“These homes are very different from the Juvenile Detention Centre; remember we are here to make children, children again,Cheap Jerseys From China,” Blenman said.“Children are admitted here for all sorts of things; some may be abandoned, some of them,Cheap Jerseys From China, their parents may have died, some were homeless and left to beg on the streets,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, while some were left to take care of their younger siblings and have never lived the life of a child.”“This is not the Juvenile detention centre,Wholesale China Jerseys, and we are here to ensure that these children, some of whom have been through hell,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, get to see what the life of a child is really like,” Blenman stressed.Blenman noted that the home has never dealt with such an incident as the children very much appreciate the trusted freedom that they have been given and would therefore adhere to the rules.“Some might want to go a little overboard with their playtime, but never have they disobeyed the rules of the home,” Blenman added.Meanwhile, Blenman made it clear that the boys will be punished for what they did, this she said is to teach them that rules are important.“If they don’t value rules now, it is highly unlikely that they will value laws later,” the woman added.Punishment for these boys will include extra chores, little more study time and a little less play time.According to a senior Child Protection Agency official, since the children are bent on being delinquent, they may be taken before a Magistrate who will have the option of committing them to the New Opportunity Corps.There are reports that the errant boy’s mother, who also has a history of violent behavior had encouraged them to get away to embarrass the organization.A source at the Child Care Centre informed this newspaper that the woman went so far as to write to her sons telling them to get away.